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Homerecording vs. Studio

17.00-19.00 (2h) – advanced group
17.00-18.30 (1.5h) – beginner group A (classes with the basics of music theory and principles)
19.15-20.45 (1.5h) – beginner group B (participants with knowledge of the basics of the principles and theory of music)
instructor: Agnieszka Lach
fee: PLN 135 / month (beginner group), PLN 170 / month (advanced group)

Due to the current epidemic situation, Homerecording vs. Studio classes will be held online.
Classes will be held via instant messaging and conference services (Teams, etc.).
We invite regular participants to classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 17.00 and 19.15
If you are willing to join the classes, please contact us by email: or register online.
You will receive a link with the access to the classroom via e-mail.
More information from the instructor, please contact by email:

We invite participants who have already dealt with music production / hardware / DAW software and want to develop in the area of the described issues to the advanced group (Mon, 17.00-19.00).
In the beginner group A (Tue, 17.00-18.30) we will start learning from the absolute basics. People who do not know sheet music, music theory and / or have not had any contact with any instrument, equipment and music production / implementation so far should be included in this group.
Classes in the beginner group B (Tue, 19.15-20.45) will be suitable for those who have / had to deal with music education to a greater or lesser extent. If you play an instrument, have some background in music theory, and you are interested in transferring your ideas for implementation and studio production at home or in the studio – this group is for you.

How is music created? Song from A to Z.
What goes on “behind the scenes” of the process of making a song in a studio, whose final result we hear in the media every day?
A course of musical arrangement, composition and production, in studio and home conditions. Learning to create a musical piece in an effective and intuitive way from the comfort of your home, which does not require a lot of money or equipment. The order of actions in making music, the impact of the sound and music on the listener’s emotion.
You will hear the actual results of your work at each of its stages, learn what specific tools and audio equipment are for, and how to use them. You will learn how to build a musical piece. You will have the opportunity to have a close look at the process of recording, editing, mixing, and take an active part in them.
You will learn the basics of music theory, get to know how to prepare a space for working with sound, in terms of ergonomics and acoustics.
For beginners and for those who have been trying to work out something on their own.
No matter what style of music speaks to your souls. No matter the budget you have.
No matter the software and equipment you know.
The rules you will learn are for everyone, tips and tricks also.