Home architectural workshops

Who participates in the “There was a city” classes knows that our workshops are not boring! You don’t have ideas for creative home fun? We will give you ready templates for printing and gluing, we will tell you how to use empty boxes.

Ideas for home architectural workshops:


Creating a model (of the city) is a task that gives a lot of possibilities. Its construction can be combined with the study of history or geography.
You can create a playground, castle for the princess, mountains, sea, stops and stations – everything that comes to your mind!
Or maybe you refer to a planned trip or favorite place?
The model doesn’t require many materials. You can use what you have at home (empty packaging, carton by package, bottle stoppers, and available plastic materials).
Free models of buildings and vehicles are available on the blog (http://www.bylosobiemiasto.pl/blog/bylosobiemiasto?p=2)