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“His Girl Friday”

In program:

  1. His Girl Friday, 92?
  2. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”, 120?

room: Broadway
tickets: tickets for two movies PLN 20, buy tickets online or at the reception
tickets: tickets for one movie PLN 12/15, buy a ticket online or at the reception

at 6.00 pm
?His Girl Friday?
When Burns gets the news that she is forsaking journalism to marry a dull insurance man and move to Albany in upstate New York, he is determined to sabotage her plans. Then he lays a scoop on her plate, involving an impending execution and political corruption that he knows she won’t be able to resist. With great verbal athleticism, the film earns its reputation as one of the fastest-talking comedies ever made.

Na czarno białym zdjęciu występuje duet aktorów filmowych. Mężczyzna trzymając telefon w ręku, spogląda z uśmiechem na stojąca obok niego piękną młodą kobietę.