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Exhibition on screen: The Curious World of Hieronymous Bosch

room: Broadway
tickets: PLN 22/24, buy a ticket online or at the reception

Exhibition on Screen’s latest release celebrates the life and masterpieces of Hieronymus Bosch brought together from around the world to his hometown in the Netherlands as a one-off exhibition. With exclusive access to the gallery and the show this stunning film explores this mysterious, curious, medieval painter who continues to inspire today’s creative geniuses. Over 420,000 people flocked to the exhibition to marvel at Bosch’s bizarre creations but now, audiences can enjoy a front row seat at Bosch’s extraordinary homecoming from the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world. Close-up views of the curiosities allow viewers to appreciate the detail of his paintings like never before. Bosch’s legendary altarpieces, which have long been divided among museums, were brought back together for the exhibition and feature in the film.

Malarstwo Boscha przedstawia statek (żaglowiec) zaatakowany przez zwierzęta morskie: fokę i drapieżną rybę. Na statku znajdują się: nagie małe dziecko, dwóch rybaków, walczących o ocalenie statku.