Hibernate-Activation’s Program

The idea behind the creation of the program was a need of implementation interdisciplinary socio-cultural projects.. The program was inaugurated in September 2013. Culture Centre “Kadr” initiated a partnership of various institutions that were invited to the project: Custody in Warsaw (Służew) and STREFA WOLNOSLOWA

– Theater workshops – run by Strefa WolnoSłowa with the prisoners, from November 2013 to April 2014, when the premiere of the performance “The Storm” took place.

– Comics workshops – run by the Culture Centre “Kadr”, the prisoners have prepared a variety of own stories, shown using the technique of the comic book for loved ones – children and grandchildren.

– Exhibition of photographs “Touch of emotions” by  Zbigniew Darda that shown a photo story of  the 4th  Rally Track of Anthem.

The next stage of the program consisted of the following events:

– A series of workshops theater –  “Theatre in a box” run by Iwona Miroslaw-Dolecka from  the Culture Centre “Kadr” crowned by the spectacle, which scenario developed previously in the framework of the workshops.

– Preparation of murals in the Custody Warsaw Służew, where prisoners were working together with the students of “Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education” in Warsaw, under the direction of Maria Kiesner – assistant professor at the Institute of Artistic Education.

For reference visit also: http://www.sw.gov.pl/pl/okregowy-inspektorat-sluzby-wieziennej-warszawa/areszt-sledczy-warszawa-sluzewiec/news,23067,burza-na-sluzewcu.html http://vod.tvp.pl/audycje/kultura/informacje-kulturalne/wideo/18042014/14589099 http://www.sw.gov.pl/pl/okregowy-inspektora