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Guitar and other instruments

instructor: Zbigniew Żak
fee: PLN 40/30 minutes, PLN 55/45 minutes, PLN 70/60 minutes, group classes: PLN 40/30 minutes and PLN 50/40 minutes
room: Nieściszalni, 209, 2nd floor (Thursdays)
room: Louder than bombs 212a, 213a, 2nd floor (Fridays)


Individual classical, bass and electric guitar classes. You can also choose saxophone, mandolin, banjo, piano or cello.
Learning to play an instrument is a class that allows you to develop musical hearing, a sense of rhythm and melody, the skill of listening to music and distinguish between different musical instruments playing in a piece. It also covers learning to read music and the basics of composition, arrangement, and improvisation. Depending on the student’s needs, we will move from style to style, e.g. Latin music, flamenco, jazz, blues, rock and heavy metal, etc. The aim of the classes is to get the students to a point where they can play with a band, in a company or make music together. Each class is simple and easy to understand, and brings joy from playing. We play well-known and widely loved pieces and compositions.

Registration for classes by prior agreement with the instructor ? Ms Zbigniew Żak at: 693 795 436.