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Green Book

room: Broadway
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New York City bouncer Frank ?Tony Lip? Vallelonga is searching for new employment after the nightclub he works at is closed for renovations. He is invited to an interview with “Doc” Don Shirley, a black pianist who is looking for a driver for his eight-week concert tour. Don hires Tony on the strength of his references. They embark with plans to return to New York on Christmas Eve. Don’s gives Tony a copy of the Green Book, a guide for black travelers to find motels, restaurants, and filling stations that would serve blacks.
Throughout the journey, Don helps Tony write letters to his wife, which deeply move her. Tony encourages Don to get in touch with his own estranged brother, but Don is hesitant, observing that he has become isolated by his professional life and achievements.

Zdjęcie promujące film. Przed zaparkowanym na drodze samochodem, stoi dwóch mężczyzn: z lewej czarnoskóry mężczyzna ubrany w ciemny garnitur i białą koszulę, trzyma ręce na biodrach, obok niego kierowca samochodu, biały mężczyzna ubrany w kolorową koszulę w paski i ciemne spodnie opiera się o drzwi samochodu.