“GRAPHICS” Project

instructor: Piotr Szymanowicz
fee: PLN 180/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Matrix, 112, 1st floor

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to inform you that the classes have been suspended.

Graphic design basics using the Adobe program suite ? Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design. Creating a visual identification, designing a logo, choosing colours, typography.
Workshop participants are going to learn about the achievements of Polish and world graphic design and become familiar with the areas of graphic design ? from alternative culture (zins, templates, stickers, prints) up to applications in the media, advertising, and multipage publications (folder, brochure, magazine).
The topics of exercises will include designing posters, calendars, bulletins, school newspapers, photo and illustration editing, typesetting and page composition, pre-press, DTP.
Graphic design at all stages of work ? from the concept, first sketches, working on the computer with appropriate software, up to publishing the work in various media. Principles of photo and illustration editing, typesetting, and page composition.
During our meeting, we are going to work on specific publishing projects.