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Grandma, grandpa, let’s tell it together!

at 11.00-12.00 – children aged 7-12 with grandparents
instructor: Kamila Janaszek-HaƄska
room: Happy Feet, 305, 3rd floor
ticket: PLN 15, register & pay

The starting point for the workshop is the presentation of the Kamishibai theatre and the shadow theatre.

The Kamishibai Theater is a picture theatre hidden in a “wooden box”. After opening it, cards with illustrations appear to the recipient.

In the shadow theatre, thanks to the play of light and shadow, even the most difficult special effects can be presented, and the viewer’s imagination stimulated.

After the presentation of the above forms, children, together with their grandparents, can produce various stories together, taken from real life, and then make appropriate elements (Kamishibai cards or shadow puppets).

The classes are prepared so that children cooperate with their grandparents, learning something about each other.