Girls’ Nights

free admission, reservations by phone

Personal development workshop for women. Interesting conversations, inspiring subjects in the area of personal development, learning about ways to achieve self-fulfilment, exchange of experiences. The meetings take place on each last Friday of the month, between 18.00 and 19.30 in The Wolf of Wall Street room. Conducted by psychologist, Elżbieta Dybińska.

Topics of meetings in October:
“Understanding through joy and creative thinking” ? exercises as easy as child’s play that will make you feel joy, laugh for no reason, and get to know your neighbours.

Topics of meetings in November:
?Wrapped gifts? ? creative thinking training combined with laughter therapy

Topics of meetings in December:
?Zen coaching ? spiritual food? ? you will allow yourself not to struggle with anything and help yourself by doing nothing. The tool used in Zen coaching is your own body, and the method ? life.