Gambia and Gwinea Bissau

room: Broadway
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I would like to tell about my experience as a traveler, anthropologist and a woman during an expedition to the western shore of the Black Continent. I will briefly talk about the history of the Gambia and events that have influenced the current mood in the country so that listeners can better understand the present situation on which I will focus. I will tell you about the most interesting aspect of my research: religions, animistic beliefs, rituals, traditions and the influence of modernity on the entire spectrum of Gambian mystical experiences.

Emilia Pluskota is the author of the lecture.

Zdjęcie przedstawia trzy kobiety ciemnej karnacji, siedzące obok siebie. Ich świąteczne, błyszczące suknie wyglądają olśniewająco. Kobiety są skoncentrowane i skupione na tym co obserwują lub są świadkami.