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Funny Judo

16.00-17.00 children (children 4-5 years old)
17.10-18.10 children (children 6-7 years old)
18.20-19.20 children (children 8+ years old)
instructor: Zdzisław Karol Dałek
fee: PLN 140 / month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Out of breath, 315 a / b, 3rd floor

The Funny Judo programme consists of movement and development classes recommended by renowned specialists in the field of physical culture, children and youth training as well as doctors and physical therapists as one of the first movement classes. The programme was successfully introduced in many schools and kindergartens, receiving the best recommendations from the principals as well as children and their parents. The exercises are performed in the form of play to make the children that are especially active at this age happily participate in the classes. They include elements of judo, corrective gymnastics, and safe falling techniques that improve the kindergarteners’ physical abilities.