From June 7, we will back with stationary classes

We are happy to announce that from June 7, classes are held stationary:

Salsa solo:
Let The Dow Dow:
Pikuliny ballet for children:
Contact Improvisation open level:
Micro-model Building and Strategy Games Laboratory “GOLIAT”:
Cardio FIT:
Drawing Lessons – preparation for the exams at the architecture department:
Painting and drawing – preparation for fine arts high school:
Professional painting and drawing course:
Piano-Forte Music Lab:
Homerecording vs. Studio:
German Language:
Opera, musical and entertainment singing:
Kadr Theatre Studio:
2nd degree Theatre Studio:
Ad Rem:
Tadam Theater:
KADRATOWI – Kadr Theatre Group:
“Don’t exaggerate!” Theatre Staff:
Play it !:
RetroAcademy: Professional painting and drawing course:
Theater of Imagination:

Carmen Opera Group:

See you!