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French for children

15.30-16.00 (children 2-5 years old)
16.00-16.45 (children 6-9 years old)
16.45-17.30 (children 8-10 years old)
instructor: Anna Szustak
fee: PLN 130/month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Between words, 205, 2nd floor

Our method was designed to allow even the youngest children to learn French. During the classes, children discover French in a completely natural way, the same way as in the case of their native language, i.e. through laughter, play, all senses, movement, dance and singing. The children are accompanied by two friendly mascots: moving and emotional Sheep Minia and her responsible and reliable friend Dog Yaroslav. Each class starts with songs that transport the kids to the magical world of Little France, where everyone speaks only French. This is where children go on smaller and bigger adventures with Minia and Yaroslav, and at the same time, learn to talk with them and understand them in the target language. They learn by performing useful, everyday tasks, which allow them to express their needs, emotions, tastes and preferences. We use a rich variety of materials: 70 original songs, several dozen board games, illustrations, work cards, role plays, and picture stories as well as books for self-study with parents, a CD and song translations.