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FitMIND – personal efficiency

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Workshop during which participants will learn how to be more effective in achieving their various goals using the capabilities of their mind. Topics related to weight loss, effective learning and career will be discussed.
The workshop will consist of an educational-motivational lecture and two or three coaching exercises. Participants will learn how to limit the straw enthusiasm and add more energy every day. The topic of motivation and willpower will also be discussed.
The workshop will last about 2-2.5 hours.
Klaudia Pingot – author of books, psychologist, youtuberka. Empathetic, professional and with a great sense of humor. After leaving the uniformed services, she became a coach and trainer, completing her psychological studies. Within a few years, she created two brands – SpecBabka and Smart Coaching. She created the FitMind method – influencing the body through the mind and emotions. She has a distance to herself and her failures, she believes that this is the source of her successes.