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11.30-13.00 (children 6-10 years old)
13.10-15.10 (children, youth 11-17 years old)
instructor: Maciej Jankowski
fee: PLN 230 / month
room: Zoom301, 3rd floor

We would like to inform that classes strat on the 18th of September

Film classes are dedicated to children and teenagers of various ages thanks to a focus on individual development of each of the participants. Both a twelve year old and a seventeen year old will take equal pleasure in the classes and learn as much, because practical exercises and tasks are not result but process-oriented, and process can take place at different levels depending on age.

We wish to walk young filmmakers through the gates leading to a world without barriers, better and worse solutions. To show them that not everything needs to be assessed on a scale from 1 to 6. Film is not an exam, nor a multiple choice test, but a transfer of thoughts enclosed in an image, sound, and words. When we want to communicate any idea, we can draw from a bag of unlimited means of expression, and the way we use them depends on our individual sensibility. Film is a form of discovering oneself and the ability to look at others.

The classes are supposed to be a fun, interesting alternative for children, where they learn through games, not only about films and filmmaking, but also about many other disciplines, because films combines humanist aspects with technology. However, the knowledge itself is not what counts, but giving young people an opportunity to express themselves, meet with their peers, and take part in a joint creative process. At the same time, we give them an opportunity to demonstrate their planning skills, self-discipline, patience, ability to make predictions and implementing their ideas. These skills are universal and come in handy not only on a film set but also in everyday life.

There will be no shortage of practical tasks based on working with camera, editing software or actors. However, before that happens, we wish to travel down a path that is filled with exercises, whose elements will highlight the individual components of a film, so that working on the final piece is fully informed.

It is not about make mature artworks that are going to be shown at film festivals. If they decide to take that road, there will be time for that too. What is important is for them to feel satisfied with what they are making and open up to the surrounding world through fun.

Two-hour, weekly meetings allow to maintain the participants? attention at a high level of acquisition, and the regularity allows to consolidate the knowledge and think through the topics that were introduced in earlier classes.