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16.10-17.10 (children 8-9 y.o.)
17.20-18.50 (youth 10-13 y.o.)
19.40-21.40 (teenagers 14+, adults)
instructor: Szymon Łojak
fee: PLN 170 / month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Dancing in the dark, 307 a / b, 3rd floor

Register, after agreeing the date and type of lesson with the trainer (608 55 44 58 or at the reception desk of Culture Centre KADR.

Fencing classes improve the overall level of sports ability, fitness, develop coordination, flexibility, speed, body’s orientation in space and in relation to other players. They develop self-discipline, ability to quickly assess the situation and make decision under stress and time pressure. They teach how to control aggression and respect rules, familiarise with the situation of success and failure.
We train with GoNow foam weapons (sabres and swords) and plastic foils equipped with hit sensors. We provide the necessary equipment: weapon simulators and protectors. The classes consist of a specialist warm up, fencing foot work, learning to work with weapons, sparings, and general development exercises. In addition, to contemporary sports fencing exercises, we also introduce techniques of historical fencing, elements of fencing choreography, activities from old European hand-to-hand combat (Medieval wrestling, Bartitsu, French boxing). Each time, we adapt the programme to the needs and abilities of the group, as well as individual preferences of the participants. We conduct our training in line with safety principles necessary when practising fencing and other martial arts.

Instruktor szermierki wraz z uczniem Instruktor szermierki wraz z uczniem Instruktor szermierki wraz z uczniem Instruktor szermierki wraz z uczniem