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Father, or about the Pieronek

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In the first space of the film, we will see what, on a daily basis, is extremely necessary, that is dialogue. In the second we will see young people. At some point, these two spaces will have a common denominator. In which? This we will learn from the film.

Title: Father, or about the Pieronek
Directed by: Szymon J. Wróbel
Screenplay: Szymon J. Wróbel
Photographs: Krzysztof Kalisz
Music: Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka with the band
Editing: Krzysztof Kalisz
Sound: Bartosz Idzi
Producer: Szymon J. Wróbel and Film & amp; More
Production: independent
Time of projection: approx. 88 min
Distribution: independent

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