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Family reading

Free entrance, booking places online
hall: Happy feet, 305, 3rd floor
instructors – authors of the book: Daniel Chmielewski and Maciej Łazowski

The active meeting and reading for children at the age of 4 to 6 years old and their parents/ grandparents as part of the “Family readings” cycle will be hosted by Daniel Chmielewski and Maciej Łazowski – authors of “Kitchen storms and sleepless beasts”. This book tells in a funny way about dealing with crisis moments (slow morning start before kindergarten, unwillingness to go to sleep or to clean up) and encourages children and parents to resolve conflicts through play and communication.
During the meeting, Daniel Chmielewski, the screenwriter, will read the book together with the audience, and Maciej Łazowski, a cartoonist, will “accompany” live drawing. During the workshop part, which is learning through play, children, parents/grandparents and the authors will invent and draw their own monsters!