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Family Game Lab

room: MacGyver, 217a, 2nd floor
ticket: PLN 40, pay for the entrance

Workshops for children ate the age from 6 to 9 years old (with parents). We invite you to a unique series of cross-generational classes, where we are going to learn about and create games and toys from different corners of the world.
We are going to hand-make, for example, game sets for Mollky, Kubba, Mankala, spinning tops or sets for Klippa. Along the way, we will learn and have a look at the customs and traditions from all over the world, and also use many natural and recyclable materials.
We are also going to work with such materials as clay, wood and wicker as well as things that we normally throw away in the garbage. We are going to model, saw, paint, and sew.
Working and playing together will be a great creative and ?analogue? way to spend time as a family. The history of games and toys is also a great opportunity to get to know other cultures and customs. Games were never been played just for fun, but also, and maybe most importantly, they served children as a link to their culture, which allowed them to “learn” it.
We are going to be inspired by lively backyards of the pre-war Warsaw, games from the Far East, South America or Scandinavia.