Family Courtyard

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Musical autumn
Instructor: Aleksandra Nykowska
During the workshops the youngest will go on a trip to the sounds of autumn: we will use chestnuts, acorns and other autumn gifts to create music! There will be singing and music-motive play! (Please bring chestnuts, acorns and leaves for classes.)
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Workshop on drums
Instructor: Anika KamiƄska
We invite all the toddlers to meet the rhythm – try playing drum djembe from West Africa. Playing on drums triggers strong positive emotions in children. Common music gives the participants a joyful sense of inner fulfillment, educates children in the sense of rhythm, gives the opportunity for creative expression and develops musical horizons.
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Instructor: Magdalena Kott
Children learn through play, provide direct contact with music and develop creative and improvisational skills. The workshop program is fun with sound and rhythm by performing songs, creating accompaniment, movement improvisation.
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