Family Courtyard

Free entrance, booking places online or by phone

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Art, handicraft and motor workshops will take place in frames of the Family Courtyard of the unusual nature for children aged 3-6 and their parents. With Julia Pańków it will be possible to create mosaic-mandalas from treasure of the autumn. Daniel Chmielewski will construct the workshop “Cardboard city”. With Natalia Krzemieńska whereas we will come off into the dance inspired journey by the painting.

There are the following workshops to choose from:

“Mosaic-mandalas from treasure of the autumn”, Julia Pańków, 20 est., Room: Glass Trap (No. 216), 2nd floor
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“Cardboard city”, Daniel Chmielewski, 20 est., Room: Academy of Mr. Kleks (No. 208), 2nd floor
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“Images in the move”, Natalia Krzemieńska, 30 est., Room: dancing in the darkness (307 a/b), 3rd floor
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