WORKSHOPS CANCELLED! Experiment with us: The Newton’s disc!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We regret to inform you that the workshops have been cancelled. People who have purchased tickets on-line or for cash, please contact the reception: or by phone: 22 843 88 81 ext. 200, mobile phone: 787 086 396
Please follow our website, where will be further information about our educational and artistic activities.

instructor: Mateusz Metkowski
room: Mac Gyver, 217a, 2nd floor
ticket: PLN 15, booking places online or at the reception

What is colour? Do we all see colours the same way?
Why does white light turn into a rainbow in a prism? How do the colours mix?
During workshops, we will repeat the experiment of the famous scientist Isaac Newton, creating the “Newton’s Disk”

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we work in a sanitary regime in all areas of DK Kadr: we ask you to wear protective masks, disinfect your hands, and keep your distance. We also ask all visitors to complete their health statements online or at the reception.