Experiment with us – Non-Newtonian liquid

instructors: Paulina and Mateusz Metkowscy
entrance: free – the event will be broadcast live on Facebook

What is a non-Newtonian fluid?
During the workshop, we will show you what non-Newtonian liquid is and how to make it at home. We will talk about what the laws of physics are and whether they can be broken. With the help of the liquid made, we will conduct several experiments.

For the experiment, please prepare:
– potato starch
– water
– a large vessel (bowl / pot)
– an oilcloth to cover the table

You don’t have to worry about cleaning. Due to the nature of the liquid, it is easier to clean than you think.

W glinianej misce znajduje się ciecz nienewtonowska, która powstaje z połączenia kilku składników i ugniatanie ich ręką.