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English language

12.00 – 21.00
13.00 – 16.00
Age groups: small children (4 – 6 yo), children 7 – 9 yo, children 10 – 12 yo, children 13 – 16 yo, young adults 17+, adults, seniors
instructor: Tatiana Kotowicz
fee: PLN 25/45 minutes
room: Babel, 204, 2nd floor

English is an international language and nowadays, its knowledge is necessary at school, work, and in everyday life. The course covers all levels and age groups, starting from 4 years old up to any age that fits the needs of the participants.
During the course, we will learn both everyday language, necessary to communicate in different life situations, as well as the so-called Business English ? very useful or even necessary on the current job market.
The courses also include preparation for language tests and exams.
Together, we will learn the language through games, drawings, contest and set-up everyday situations using innovative teaching methods which I developed over the many years of teaching small children.
In addition to traditional methods, older kids and teenagers are going to learn the language through dialogues and conversations with the help of modern technologies.
I will focus mainly on practical language skills, the ability to use English in everyday and business life, conversations, improving and developing vocabulary and grammatical topics in combination with their practical application.

Detailed information about age groups and levels, etc. are available at: 516 99 20 21.