English language

“English” classes in connection with the current epidemic situation will take place online.
Classes will be held via instant messengers and conference services (Zoom).
We invite regular participants to online classes from April 1 on Wednesday at. 15.30 (7-9 years), 16.25 (10-12 years), at 17.20 (eighth grade) and Friday at 16.25 (10-12 years old).
If you would like to join the classes, please contact us at and online.

at 15.30 (7-9 years old)
at 16.25 (10-12 years old)
at 17.00 (eighth grade exam)

at 16.25 (10-12 years old)

fee: 120 PLN – 1 x week, 240 PLN – 2 x week, and eighth graders 160 PLN

We invite you to English classes! The ability to use this all-present language opens up very wide doors to the world and its culture, opportunities for travel, learning new knowledge or working abroad.
When learning a language, it is very important to use the students? natural abilities so that they can enjoy the process and its long-lasting effects. During the classes, we are going to use a wide variety of techniques: posters, slides, colourful boards, projects that combine art and language for visual learners, songs and sound activities for auditory learners, as well as language games away from the desk for kinaesthetic learners. Older kids can also take part in language games and quizzes, which are going to help them learn the secrets of English grammar in an attractive way. The classes are a lot of fun and very active, always taught in the broadest possible practical context.
We also invite you to English lessons for adults, taught in an atmosphere that helps to open up to speaking in English, with the use of multimedia and many materials in the original language version, which help us to directly plug into the English-speaking culture and make the classes even richer.