Encouraging the forest in a jar

Ticket: 80 pln, buy a ticket online
hour. 12.00, register: https://www.strefazajec.pl/course/view/id/5452
hour. 14.30, register: https://www.strefazajec.pl/course/view/id/5644
room: Wilk z Wall Street, 201, 2nd floor

We invite you for a family workshop on creating a forest in a jar. The forest in the jar is a closed ecosystem that lives, develops, changes and is self-sufficient – it is a permanent closed circuit in which water and minerals circulate. It is an interesting observation object that expresses the magic of a real forest.
Each participant will leave the classes with the forest he has made, and with inspiration to create more.
The fee includes materials. Anyone who wants to make their own forest has to pay the full fee. Two people can be registered to work on one jar – the adult and the child.
The workshops last 1.5 hours.