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Electronic Orchestra Sound Lab

instructor: Marek Żurawski
fee: PLN 70/month
room: Whispers and Screams 214, 215, 2nd floor

The orchestra was created on the initiative of and is run by Marek Żurawski – a composer and conductor, a long-time music classes instructor at KADR CC. Right now, the group consists of 10 people aged 15 -20, who began their musical adventure at the “Studio below the stave”. They perform music with division into voices, like in symphonic orchestras. However, unlike “acoustic” orchestras, here, everyone has a chance to play first fiddle because each piece has different instrumental parts. It is possible thanks to using keyboards instead of acoustic instruments. Their repertoire includes works by J.S.Bach, W.A.Mozart, L. van Beethoven, G.Holst, J.Haydn, E.Grieg, A.Part, but also P.Collins, J.M. Jarr, K.Jenkins or Jethro Tull. The band was created on 7 February 1995.
All interested persons are invited to take part in an audition.