Easter decorations :)

Ewa & Magda Przanowska run classes and workshops “Visual Arts”.
They have prepared something special for you.
We invite you to create Easter decorations!

You will need:
-colored pencils or pens
-colored paper (or white to be colored)
-one A4 sheet – white or colored

The instruction has two templates to choose from: you can print or redraw them.
The dashed lines on the template indicate place where you need to fold the paper.


We prepare stiffer paper to be your base.
We fold it in half.
Please cut the figures, then color them and add chicken legs.

Now it’s time for grass.
We cut a strip of paper the same length as the base sheet and cut from the top to form the grass.
We bend the figures according to the template lines.
We make a small fold on the sides of the grass.

We glue the folds on the sides of the grass and on the eggs (in the case of the rabbit – on baskets).

First, glue the figurines.
It is important that the middle fold coincides with the fold of the paper.
Then glue the grass flush with the bottom of the page.
Bend everything in half and spread it.
It is ready!

Template 1
Template 2
Instruction 1
Instruction 2
Instruction 3
Easter decoration is ready!