Drum workshops: DJEMBE

instructor: Anika Kamińska
room: Dreamer, 007a, ground floor
ticket: PLN 15, booking places online or at the reception

Djembe drums come from the West African region. During the workshop participants will learn the basics of DJEMBE drum technology. They will learn what bass, tone and slap are and learn authentic African rhythms and accompaniments. Drumming workshops are great fun. Let’s try together!
Beginner level.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we work in a sanitary regime in all areas of DK Kadr: we ask you to wear protective masks, disinfect your hands, and keep your distance. We also ask all visitors to complete their health statements online or at the reception.

W sali muzycznej stoi kilkanascie kolorowych bębnów afrykańskich.