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“Drink vinegar!”

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I walked out of the cage into the yard today and stopped dead. I tried to take a step forward – unfortunately unsuccessfully, backward – the same, to the side and the other side – nothing and nothing. A neighbor entering the block with five kilograms of tomatoes, said: “Good morning!”. I said nothing. As soon as I open my mouth, a voice in my head tells me to close it. She stood and watched. I stood and was silent. She stood and continued watching. I ran back to my apartment. I leaned back against the door. Why does she need so many tomatoes?

Director, script adaptation: Sebastian Słomiński
Fragments of the works of Dmitry Shostakovich were used

Actors: Jan Jaskólski, Artur Kępczyński, Agata Kotusiewicz, Aleksandra Marczak, Emilia Metryka, Weronika Sójka-Mazurek

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