Dream interpretation – facts and myths

free entrance
Lecturer: Ewa WolaƄska


What does contemporary psychological thought say about dream interpretation? Is there scientific knowledge in this field? What do we know for sure and what is just speculation? How did the knowledge of sleepy symbolism develop over the 20th and 21st centuries? Should dreams about sex be ashamed? Why do people around the world dream about the theme of pregnancy? Can dreams predict future events?

We will support these theories with examples, which is why you will learn to mature and penetrate deeper into the content of your dreams. You will take a step and learn to look at dreamy images from many angles and perceive them as the work of a talented artist who often brings an important message?

The meeting will have a lecture character with elements of discussion.

A fragment of the picture in the photo of the event by Katarzyna Karpowicz (more beautiful paintings https://www.facebook.com/KatKarpowicz/)