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Drawing Lessons – preparation for the exams at the architecture department

instructor: Urszula Pielach-Gemzała
fee: PLN 180/month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Marble Man, 219, 2nd floor

The classes will cover: perspective drawing, drawing from nature, also open-air, still life as well as model study.
During the classes, we are going to focus on drawing, constructing solid figures and applying the principles of perspective.
The aim of the classes is to prepare the students for the exam at the Architecture Department, including preparation for the exam on architecture and art.
We are also going to perform exercises in drawing from memory and imagination as well as quick sketches in a short time frame. The participants will learn various drawing techniques and use different tools.

One of the objectives of the class will be prepared drawings for exam.

Classes also available for foreign-language participants (English, Russian, Spanish, Italian).