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Field of study: drawing and painting

instructor: Karolina Witowska-Ćirlić
fee: PLN 180/month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Afterimage, 211, 2nd floor

Easel classes for persons who want to develop their skills in the area of painting and drawing. I would especially like to invite persons who are preparing for exams at art schools.
Creating is not only technical skills but also the ability to observe and process images. It is a process that everyone experiences differently and at a different pace. During the classes, we are going to focus on developing one?s own, individual artistic language, and at the same time, develop our basic skills.
We are going to learn how to reproduce the reality in painting and in drawing, using still life compositions and model study. We are also open to experimenting, open-air and spatial forms.
We are not afraid of bold sketches and big formats. We use charcoal, pencil, brushes, wash painting, splashing, use glaze, contrasts, perspective… we learn composition and frame, body proportions, operate with colour patch and stroke.
It becomes a starting point for your own journey of discovery.
During the drawing and painting classes, we are going to discover our own hidden potential.