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Does a dog have to bark?

room: Broadway
ticket: PLN 25, buy a ticket online or at DK Kadr

Spring in Mokotów! Nature comes to life, the streets seem cleaner and the neighbours smile more. BUT DID YOU SURE EVERYONE felt a benevolent aura? Are there still any unexplained matters on the Mokotów forums?

We invite you to another review of Mokotów brawls and absurdities, which absurdities will be an inspiration for improvised scenes. It is a comedy event that combines a performance with interaction with the audience. We want to look at local problems with a grain of salt. We will recall the most spectacular dramas, but also for balance – the moments when Facebook in Mokotów was a land of kindness and love. What will you see on stage? Behind the scenes of local quarrels, further adventures of the characters or absurd solutions to reported problems.

Piątka przyjaciól siedzi na ławce przed blokiem. Wszyscy patrzą w jedną stronę i wskazują palcem na coś w oddali.