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DJ-ing Workshop

instructor: Adam Rudnicki
fee: PLN 100/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: The Wolf of Wall Street, 201, 2nd floor

Classes suspended until a group of min. 5 people
Please register online, if you the group starts we will inform you.

The aim of DJ-ing workshop is to develop practical skills and musical improvisation, as well as to give a new way of looking at contemporary music. Our classes are extremely popular among children and teenagers who wish to be like their idols.
DJ-ing as a form of musical performance is more interesting to most young people than playing classical instruments, because it allows for greater individuality and easier expression through music, even very soon after starting training.
Participation in our DJ-ing workshop allows to learn a wide variety of skills and has many other benefits:

Thanks to improvisation, which is the key element in a performance, young people become braver, more self-confident, and better at dealing with social barriers.

Playing DJ-ing sets develops musical intuition. Children and teenagers quickly learn eurhythmics, tonal dependencies, and structure of musical pieces, which helps them to succeed faster in music in its classical form.

DJ-ing offers a different perspective on music. It is a valuable experience that allows to perceive sound and composition in a different way, it opens up young people’s imagination and develops willingness to experiment with music.

During the classes, we are going to gradually introduce more and more complex elements necessary to perform one’s own, interesting set. It will help the students to quickly develop concentration, learn patience, and multitasking.

A DJ’s performance happens live. It is an attractive form of spending time away from social media, computer screens, tablets and smartphones, which encourages young people to meet in real life.

Children and teenagers see DJ-ing as an attractive activity, one that is modern and earns them respect among friends. Our young students cannot wait till the next class and tell us that they want to develop in this direction.