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Disco Dance

16.30-17.30 (5-7 y.o.)
17.40-18.40 (8-11 y.o.)
instructor: Jacek Sennewald
fee: PLN 110/month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Dancing in the dark, 307 a/b, 3rd floor

Disco dance is characterised by fast rhythm, dynamics and expressiveness. We teach the children specific elements of dance through play and with the help of pop music. We are going to create dance choreographies which can be later presented at various shows, reviews, and special performances. In Disco Dance, we use jazz techniques and acrobatics, and others. The classes always include a warm-up with elements of stretching.

Participants of the classes in particular:
• will learn the elements of disco dance
• will develop general dancing and rhythmic skills
• will improve their physical fitness, condition and coordination
• Thanks to the created dance choreographies, from the elements they have learned they will develop, among others, spatial thinking and they will better co-operate within the group
• They will spend their free time in an active manner