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Detective Sventon, to services!

instructor: Marta Todys
room: 208, second floor
free entrance, booking places online or at the reception

Literary and artistic workshops for children (6-9 years) around Akim Holmberg’s book series about the adventures of private detective Ture Sventon
Ture Sventon is an extremely talented, clever and courageous detective. It is a pity that so few people know about it …
We will listen to stories about what difficult matters the detective Sventon had to solve and create an artistic work inspired by these stories.

Illustration of Sven Hemmel from the book “Ture Sventon in London” by ?ke Holmerga (Two Sisters Publishing House)

Czarno-biała ilustracja przedstawia siedzącego detektywa na trawie, który marzy o trzech domach przykrytych warstwa padającego śniegu.