Demo version/Magdalena Przybysz

Open work show
Free entrance
room: Dancing in the Darkness, 307 a/b, third floor

Concept, choreography, workshops: Magdalena Przybysz
Substantive cooperation: Ewa Tyralik, Kinga Boruń
Partners: School of Trainers of Communication based on Empathy, Primary School with Integration Units No. 280. Tytusa Chałubińskiego in Warsaw

“The name of the project, on the one hand, refers to the concept of “demo”, a trial / demonstration version of the game or recording, and on the other to the word democracy. Just as the demo is issued to familiarize the recipient with the game, so this performance aims to bring children, as well as their guardians and educators, to the principles of democratic cooperation and empathic communication. The third possibility that can happen 🙂 is short for demolition, but if this happens, it will be a kind of creative demolition, from which you can put together something valuable together.”
Magdalena Przybysz