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Danuta Błażejczyk with friends

room: Broadway
free entrance, booking places online or at the reception.

The 40th anniversary of Culture Centre Kadr is an event that we will honor all people who have been involved in building the cultural wealth of the capital of Poland for many years, with a special distinction for those who do it at the local level, often against adverse circumstances, material difficulties and with a view to common benefit.
During the concert we will hear the greatest hits from the repertoire of DANUTA BŁAŻEJCZYK and special guests invited by her: Karolina Błażejczyk, Ludmiła Małecka, Monika Urlik, Kamil Bijoś, Krzysztof Gwiazda, Mariusz Urbaniak and Mariusz Szaban.
The vocalists will be accompanied by Artur Grudziński Band.