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Cycle 4 ? Capoeira/ Street Art

Cycle 4 ? Capoeira/ Street Art

Movement and rhythm classes based on African-Brazilian art of Capoeira Angola. Capoeira classes for children are based on exercises in the form of play that enhance their motor skills. Their aim is to improve fitness and motor coordination, with a special focus on developing balance, flexibility, reflexes and awareness of one?s own body in space. Each class is complemented by work on rhythm and singing. The children are going to learn to play on traditional instruments used in capoeira as well as to sing Brazilian songs. Playing an instrument and singing are performed simultaneously, which enhances coordination and teaches performing several actions at the same time. Each practice is conducted to the sounds of traditional Brazilian music.
After the classes, each child can express their opinion about the practice, learning that each voice counts. This way, the participants take part in planning the next trainings, which enhances their sense of self-worth. The conversations always take place in a circle, according to the rule: ?one person talks, the rest listens? ? this teaches us attentiveness, concentration, and empathy.

Street Art
During the classes we will cover the following topics:
– history from prehistoric rock paintings to street art galleries.
– getting acquainted with the template technique, preparing projects and cutting patterns,
– applying patterns with spray paint on different substrates and using a roller on the fabric,
– use of various materials and raw materials to create graphic messages,
– design and independent printing on an ecological cotton bag.
– creating logotypes, symbols, visualizations of social campaign messages concerning, for example, ecology, human and animal rights, and the promotion of reading.

The care of qualified animators (day room) is offered from 7.30 am – 4.30 pm
Workshops are from 10.30 am to 3.00 pm

People who register children for winter in “KADR Culture Center” automatically accept the following regulations. Please fill out the documents (regulations and attachment No. 1 – declaration of participation with a statement) and bring it to the reception until 14.01.2019.

File to download:
1. regulamin i deklaracja ferie 2019