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Cycle 1 – Programming and robotics

Programming and robotics
First Week
Programming and robotics: ecology
Why and how to segregate rubbish? Does the ocean have to be cleaned? Children will learn what recycling is and teach the robot to dispose of rubbish. Together they will build a seismograph and design buildings to survive the earthquake. They will organize a rescue mission to the lost panda and construct a machine warning against volcanic eruptions.

Second Week
Programming and robotics: the world of nature
Do dolphins live in Poland? What is the difference between national park and the park in a housing estate? Do insects only make our life difficult? Participants will take a trip from the mountains to the sea, visit national parks, and find out what animals are exceptionally valuable in Poland.

There was a city – architectural workshops
First Week
Architecture: house
How is the house designed? What good architect must remember?
During the workshops children will create house models, arrange interiors and put roofs (what is the best – what are solar panels?); they will take care of the interior design and the garden, in which they will try to create a sewage treatment plant.

Second Week
Architecture: city, village, housing estate
What should be found on every housing estate? What do wind, water and sun have in common with the current? During the classes, small architects will learn solutions used in the construction of cities, villages and housing estates. Windmills, aqueducts and skyscrapers will be created during classes.

The care of qualified animators (day room) is offered from 7.30 am – 4.30 pm
Workshops are from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

People who register children for winter in “KADR Culture Center” automatically accept the following regulations. Please fill out the documents (regulations and attachment No. 1 – declaration of participation with a statement) and bring it to the reception until 14.01.2019.

File to download:
1. regulamin i deklaracja ferie 2019