Culture Centre?s Planet ? Activation

Culture Centre?s planet is a space where desire to learn passion, art skills, have been combined with the knowledge and experience of charismatic teachers. Artistic interaction is a series of annual, music, art and dance workshops, performed in the framework of the Warsaw Cultural Education Program.

Project goals:
– Developing skills and competences in the field of expression through art,
– Learning how to percept different forms of art in conscious way,
– Getting the ability to make own artistic practices, taking into account the different means of artistic expression,
– Networking with various institutions, organizations dealing with cultural education and interesting forms of artistic activity.

We invited to the project children from Primary Schools No. 191 in Warsaw. In artistic activities participated two classes: Class 3rd a, conducted by Ms Hanna Brózda, Class 3rd b run by Ms. Małgorzata Woźniak and Classes 1st a, 1st b and 1st c.

The project consisted of five segments of the workshops:
– Planet of art – a series of art workshops – participants communicate in selected art techniques in given area and space, uses such means of expression as: shape, color, texture, they also recognize the selected fields of art: architecture, painting, sculpture, graphics, gives his opinions on the topic.
– Music Planet – a series of music workshops ? Participants play musical instruments, singing children repertoire songs, as well as related to folklore of Warsaw.
– Dance Planet – a series of workshops, dance and rhythmic ? Participants can dance basic steps and figures of Krakowiak, polka. They perform selected dances from Mazowsze region, learn gesture and movement in the simple rhythms and rhythmic patterns.
– Theatre Planet – a series of theater workshops conducted in the form of having fun. Simple diction exercises, acting scenes, Pantomime Theater, learning techniques of using voice, body, gesture, common creation of cartoons and drama workshops. During the workshops, three therapeutic theatrical cartoons entitled ?Two socks? were created and were written by the instructor on the basis of the creative expression of the class 1st a, 1st b and 1st c.
– Planet of the champions – a series of art workshops in the Gallery of Culture Centre ?Kadr?, inspired by the program?s exhibitions. The main aim of the workshop was to select the topic inspired by the exhibition and use particular technology. . Creative meeting with the artist in the relationship of master-student.

The final result was a common show and an exhibition at the IV Meeting with Art People with Disabilities in the Culture Centre ?Kadr?. This year’s meeting is the space of artistic presentation of the project participants – Culture Centre?s Planet ? Activation as well as presentation of activities of the Association Centre of Social Integration Therapists (Białostocka 9 street) and Occupational Therapy Workshops from Warsaw Department of National Regional Autistic Society (Orzycka 20 street).
Art workshops of the project were run by Marek Żurawski, Anna Sobol, Bożena Wiśniewska, Magdalena Kott, Martyna Skiba, Zbigniew Darda, Iwona Mirosław-Dolecka.

The project was financially supported by the Warsaw Cultural Education Program (1st semester).

The project was financed from the funds of Culture Centre ?Kadr? (2nd semester).