Culinary matpotics

Mathematics in practice and by the way. Cooking on the screen with children is an opportunity to have fun and an excuse to carry out many mathematical problems. In practical situations, we consolidate the concepts contained the program for students from 1-4 classes, putting into practice the saying: “mathematics is everywhere”!
Our classes are not a webinar or lecture. We run interactive online meetings where children see the teacher and talk to him.
Skills and knowledge acquired during classes:

-greater independence and self-confidence in the kitchen;
-we consolidate weight units (kg, dag, g), units conversion, simple calculations;
-we convert units of measure (m, cm), make simple calculations;
-we fix geometric figures;
-we count in tens;
-even and odd numbers;
-we remember fractions;
-we perform actions in memory: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division;
-we estimate.

-Yogurt parfait
-Energy bar
-Pooh’s hut

Age group: 7-10 years old
Length of classes: 60 min
Number of classes: 1 course = 4 classes
Price: 1 class 60 min = 15 PLN; the group starts from 5 people.
4 classes = 40 PLN