Cuba- an island full of colours

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A meeting of the Exploration globetrotters.
The author of the show: Tomasz Tułak.

Cuba is an unique island. A revolution of Fidel Castro caused that in this country since the sixties happened few changes. Through the streets run old American cars, and residents have limited contact with the world. Despite of Fidel’s death in 2016, the island cannot see the approaching hurricane of changes. Residents still find solace in music, which is present here at every step. For people from outside it is like a journey to another era, another world. We all ask ourselves the question how this country will look like after the changes that will occur

There are two worlds there: the world of rich tourists and the world of the poor Cubans. During our trips we tried to get closer to the most common inhabitants of the island. We slept in rooms that were rented by Cuban ? so-called casas particulares. We usually ate in local restaurants and private homes. We did not forget about the rest, because in Cuba there is a summer for a whole year and there are beautiful turquoise beaches. The air is filled with the smell of cigars and coffee, and visitors are waiting for a delicious rum.

During the show we will see the colonial cities of Cuba. The most time will be devoted to an enormous old – Havana. We will go towards the south to Santiago de Cuba. Next will be green Vinales, where at the foot of the rocky island mountains called mogotów are the best tobacco plantations. It is here that we learn how tobacco is grown and how to roll up a cigar.

We will also see Cuban crocodiles, turquoise beaches such as Playa Pillar Playa Coco, Playa Ancon and Playa Larga. During the show we will get to know all the riches of the Cuban island.

amerykański samochód z lat 40 na jednej z kubańskich ulic