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Cricket & Antoinette

room: Broadway
ticket: PLN 15/20, buy a ticket online or at the reception

Here is a new take on the famous fairy tale first told by Aesop and then Jean de la Fontaine. Ket, a guitar playing cricket, leads a band to entertain the carefree bugs. Nearby lives Antoinette, heiress of the anthill where music is forbidden and only discipline and hard work are allowed. By accident they meet and an affection grows between them. The ant girl tries to warn the crickets of the upcoming winter, to no avail. When Antheodor, an over-ambitious ant, kidnaps Antoinette, it’s Ket and his friends who come to her rescue.

Directed by L. Rukavina
Production: Croatia
Version: Dubbed
Age: 4+
Duration: 85 minutes

W lesie na gałęzi wysokich drzew siedzą księżniczka mrowiska oraz grający na gitarze konik polny.