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instructor: Anna Browko
fee: PLN 140/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Mister Blot’s Academy, 208, 2nd floor

In our class, each participant will become a doctor of old, seemingly useless objects, giving them a new meaning in the environment, a new life….
During the workshops, we are going to learn the basic techniques of renovating and decorating furniture and other objects on various surfaces: wood, metal, fabric, ceramics, glass. We are going to use the most innovative materials such as chalk paints, gold leaf, handmade, sculpted wooden or ceramic elements, upholstering materials, machine-sewed fabrics. We are going to learn renovation techniques such as painting, both on wooden, metal, and textile surfaces using techniques such as glazing, abrasion, antiquating, pattern painting or even incrustation or gilding. We will also learn how to choose the right fabric for upholstery, sew pillow cases, learn how to decorate pillows with decorative tape, tassels, and pom-poms. We are going to create ceramic elements of interior furnishings such as drawer handles, elements of frames, soap dishes, elements of decorative boxes.