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Concert MIRT / TER

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Mirt and Ter sink with the number of cables, for years they avoid laptops and computers, they focus on modular synthesizers – analog electronic instruments, which history dates back to the early 60s

MIRT – musician, designer, painter, co-founder of modular synthesisers manufactory XAOC Devices and independent labels cat|sun, saamleng and MonotypeRec. As an artist, Mirt fluently moves between chaos and order, mistake and purposefulness, blur and sharpness, and finally between analogue modular tones, sounds created with acoustic instruments and field recordings. That makes his music hard to classify but easy to fall in love with. Mirt has recorded plenty of albums, including solo works, duos and band recordings. Many of them were released not only in Poland but also in Italy and the USA.

TER – is an artist fascinated by analogue electronic music, one of the few women in Poland who regularly plays live using modular synthesizers. For several years, she has performed in Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band. Her debut solo album “Fingerprints” met with warm reception both in Poland and abroad. She performed at prestigious events in Poland (eg. Unsound Krakow) and the rest of Europe (including London’s Cafe OTO).

Czarno biały Portret Tomka Mirt i Magdy Ter na tle syntezatorów.