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Presentation of the educational offer of the community center, meetings with instructors, demonstration classes and the performance “ZOK. Compulsive comedy “dir. Andre de la Cruz (at 6.00 pm).

room: Broadway
free entrance, booking places online or by phone or at the reception

A group of patients suffering from various types of obsessive-compulsive disorder was able to make an appointment with a famous doctor specializing in the treatment of OCD. Due to a mistake in the computer registration system, all appointments are made at the same time. In addition, the flight of a prestigious doctor is delayed, so patients are forced to wait together for a visit.

Direction and adaptation: Andre de la Cruz
Cast: Ewa Dzikowska, Aleksandra Adamczyk-Dworucha, Daria Łukowska, Patrycja Izabela Strupińska, Iwona Kowalska, Emilia Niedzielak, Aleksander Witkowski, Tomasz Zielazny

Performance of the KADR Theater Studio based on the text “Toc Toc” by Laurent Baffie.