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Cold Batik, Shibori

instructor: Elmira Seit-Ametowa
fee: PLN 100/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Mac Gyver, 217a, 2nd floor

This technique is very interesting, and not only to adults. Painting on fabric helps to stimulate creativity. It develops sensibility to colours and their perception, instils a sense of taste.
In addition, batik techniques releases a whole array of positive emotions, and consequently, lets us get rid of many negative feelings.
A piece of “shibori” fabric is tightly tied with a thread (you can create geometric shapes) and painted. When the fabric is dry, the thread is untied and we smooth it out with an iron to help preserve the dye.
There are several methods of making designs (patterns) on the fabric. Then, you can place the pattern on a piece of paper, put the fabric on top, and make the outline of the drawing on the fabric using gutta (a special glue). When the composition is completely dry, it is ready to be coloured. The drawing is filled inside the outline with paint using a brush.

The aim of the course is to teach the participants the basic types of the following techniques:
– batik technique,
– “shibori” technique,
– watercolour painting,
– painting with salt crystals,
– “Krakelur” technique,
– “gutta” technique (so-called cold batik),
– painting with paints using the so-called thickener.

During the classes, the participants will learn:
– the basics of composition: proportion, scale, rhythm, balance, accents,
– the basics of colours: properties and nature of colours, cold and warm colours,
– colour scale, basic and supplementary colours,
– gradation.

The participants will also get to know:
– drawing tools,
– types of fabrics, dyes, and conditions for boiling cloths,
In addition, they will learn how to prepare their works to be hanged on walls and the fabrics for sewing.
One of our main aims is to create a positive environment, open to learning practical and theoretical knowledge in the ancient art of batik.
The classes start with a 10-minute lecture with a presentation of slides and videos related to the topic of the practical part of the classes.

We will talk about and practice topics such as:
-designing patterns,
-work design – working drawing,
-transferring a drawing onto fabric,
-drawing on fabric with “gutta”,
-applying paint,
-ironing the work through white paper.